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archie cricket

Batting Average Skyrockets!

I’ve never been a great village cricketer, getting invited as much for my prowess drinking beer in the pub afterwards as talent with a bat.
Having spent several hours with a bowling machine at Writtle Cricket Centre though, my skills with a bat are rivalling those with a pint!

Jack Thorogood, Chelmsford

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From midnight on 16th October
Essex is in a Tier 2 Covid restriction area.

What this means for you:
  • No mixing of households in the nets.
    • You can hire a net, but only use it with other members of YOUR HOUSEHOLD.
    • Up to 6 members of the same household are allowed to use a net.
  • Under 18s and those playing disability cricket CAN book a 1 to 1 session with a coach
    • Parents of the child being coached can watch from the viewing platform above the changing room, but not be in the net during coaching.
  • Under 18’s and those playing disability cricket CAN mix households in the nets

  • Only attend with members of your own household apart from the exceptions above
  • Do not arrive early, & Leave on time at 5 mins to the hour
  • Arrive changed
  • Wear a face mask until you get into lane
  • Sanitise your hands before entering the centre
  • Sanitise the bowling machine before and after use
  • Sanitise your hands before and after collecting machine balls
  • Sanitise your hands regularly (the ECB recommend every 20mins)
  • Keep the contact details of other players in your group
  • Inform us should anyone become ill with Covid-19 after using the centre
  • Keep a distance of at least 1meter from others in the centre
  • Text/call 07970 491784 if you see anyone not following these rules
  • Scan the QR code on arrival.

Top Cricket Coaching in the heart of Essex

When I was growing up in the halcyon days of the early 1990s cricket practice consisted solely of trying to train ones' nascent facial hair into the closest possible imitation of whichever hero of the England team had made it to double figures in the latest ashes test. To the inestimable benefit of modern youth's chances of both making runs and kissing girls, things have moved on since then. At Writtle Cricket Centre we have a group of very highly qualified and respected self employed coaches offering some of the best coaching in Essex. Please contact them direct through our coaches' pages.


I personally also stand in awe of the amateur coaches who give up their time freely and enthusiastically to train age group teams from the many clubs who use the facilities each winter; and it is a source of pride that we can give these absolute heroes of the game an environment to bring on the next generation of ashes whipping boys.…


Great Cricket Practice Facilities. In a Barn.

Writtle Cricket Centre is 3 indoor nets with 20m run ups and a specialist cricket (uniturf) surface. Nets which provide even, full length surfaces and good solid areas for run-up and bowling crease are pretty rare full stop, and to get them indoor with excellent lighting can give cricketers that rare thing – good meaningful practice no matter what the weather.

Our aim at WCC is to make our excellent facilities as accessible as possible. In pursuit of this we have upgraded our slightly hit or miss text-or-email-Frank system to the shiny online booking system which is lurking like a toad under a lily pad on the back end of this website. So please give it a try – the designers assure us its the very last word in ease of use and clearness.

If it doesn't work send a text or carrier pigeon to the details on the contact page!…