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Become a better batsman with the Sidearm: a tool that allows one person to provide accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries with no effort

If You Don’t Practise, Someone Else Will

Sidearm is the invention of club cricketer Frank Thorogood after watching his customers practice in the Writtle Cricket Center.

Throw downs, bowling machines and facing a bowler are all great practice in a net session, but Frank noticed that coaches and bowlers often tired quickly and batsmen pre-empted the bowling machine.

After seeing a friend chucking balls for his dog using a stick with a cup on the end, the Sidearm was born!

Since its conception and Winning the Barclays Bank “Take One Small Step” competition in 2010, Sidearm has moved from strength to strength.

Frank’s idea is now a standard piece of cricketers’ bags around the world. Still owned by Frank and his wife Alice, the company is based in Essex, UK.


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Now capable of a larger range of speeds, the previously under-appreciated CLUB is now the weapon of choice for a wide range of players!!

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The weapon of choice for the professional bat and their coaches. Our fastest most durable Sidearm yet!

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