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archie cricket

Batting Average Skyrockets!

I’ve never been a great village cricketer, getting invited as much for my prowess drinking beer in the pub afterwards as talent with a bat.
Having spent several hours with a bowling machine at Writtle Cricket Centre though, my skills with a bat are rivalling those with a pint!

Jack Thorogood, Chelmsford

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Top Cricket Coaching in the heart of Essex

When I was growing up in the halcyon days of the early 1990s cricket practice consisted solely of trying to train ones' nascent facial hair into the closest possible imitation of whichever hero of the England team had made it to double figures in the latest ashes test. To the inestimable benefit of modern youth's chances of both making runs and kissing girls, things have moved on since then. At Writtle Cricket Centre we have a group of very highly qualified and respected self employed coaches offering some of the best coaching in Essex. Please contact them direct through our coaches' pages.


I personally also stand in awe of the amateur coaches who give up their time freely and enthusiastically to train age group teams from the many clubs who use the facilities each winter; and it is a source of pride that we can give these absolute heroes of the game an environment to bring on the next generation of ashes whipping boys.